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YouTube Star Emily Hartridge Dies In Scooter Accident In London

YouTube Star Emily Hartridge Dies In Scooter Accident In London

Posted by Cale Myrick on Jul 15th 2019

A popular YouTube content creator, Emily Hartridge, has passed away after her electric scooter was struck by a truck in London. This has been the first known reported fatality including an electric scooter in Britain. Scooter use has become a hot topic in the recent years with the US alone seeing around 1,500 electric scooter accidents every year on average. These scooters have even been the topic of local politics, as a Tennessee mayor even debated passing a bill that would outlaw the use of these electric scooters in his city. 

While it is already illegal to ride these electric scooters on the sidewalks and on the main roads, these laws are often ignored by scooter riders. While we here at Mid-Atlantic Safety & Supplies believe that everyone should have the right to enjoy the outdoors, which may include motorized vehicles of all types, we also believe that safety is the number one priority when it comes to any activity, especially those which involve traffic and other heavy equipment which can quickly turn deadly. 

Scooter injuries are mainly found in big cities, where scooter rental companies flourish and are advertised heavily as an alternative method of travel. Travelers would rather ride an electric scooter in the bicycle lane or even on the sidewalk rather than sit in the stop-and-go traffic of large cities. 

So remember no matter where you travel, please respect all local traffic laws and keep a watchful eye out for your surroundings, as the most dangerous threat is typically the one you are not prepared for, or the one you cannot see.