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Happy National Safety Month!

Happy National Safety Month!

Posted by Cale Myrick, Owner on Jun 17th 2019

Good morning/evening friends!

Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many blog posts from your friends here at Mid-Atlantic Safety & Supplies. 

First off, let us start off by introducing ourselves so that you can get a feeling of who we are and what we represent here at MASS. My name is Cale Myrick, I am the owner of the store. 26 may seem like a young age to start your own business, especially in an industry such as construction. But according to the younger generation is lining up to go to college while many trade jobs are dying to be filled. The truth about tradesman is that yes, it's definitely hard work, but you can make an extremely lucrative living with some hard work and good money management skills. This is where I started out back in 2014. I joined an apprenticeship as a Pipe Fitter. I came straight out of the retail / food industry, and boy was it a change of environment for me. I had to get use to the lack of filters in the shipyard for sure. I worked in the shipyards just over 2 years, but after getting laid off a few times right around the birth of my first and only son, Christian, I figured it was time I pursued another line of work. This ended up getting me to where I am today. I applied for a job I saw on for the role of a paint estimator in Norfolk, Virginia. I had to take a decent pay cut but for stability with a family, the peace of mind was more than worth it. I've been in the commercial construction estimation industry for about two and a half years at this point, but after realizing my true worth in this industry I began to realize that if I didn't step up and make something happen that nobody else was going to go to bat for me. This is where the idea of Mid-Atlantic Safety & Supplies came from. I have dealt with many sales reps throughout the years on the construction side of things, but felt like I could make a better living from the other side of the desk. As a huge family-oriented person, I also believe that our men and women should be able to punch out daily in a safe manner and make it back home to those who love and care about them so much. After talking to a few manufacturers I was able to receive some very good pricing, and I have set my numbers to reflect that. I want everyone to have access to affordable, quality safety equipment. If you are looking to purchase in bulk I am more than willing to entertain negotiations, and there is always going to be some sort of coupon code or discount running as long as I am running this business. If you don't see one in the home page banner please feel free to contact me on our contact page and ask about a discount, and we will have no issue providing one. We understand that customers come first and without them we could not be where we are today. MASS has given me the opportunity of a lifetime, and I am forever grateful for that. So with all of that being said, I encourage you to get involved in your local communities if you are involved in the construction industry at all. The National Safety Council can be found at and there are tons of resources that they provide. They provide everything from paperwork you can hand out, to donation opportunities, to providing their own discounts and offers, all of which can be found at the link I have provided.

For the sake of your time I will catch you later, be safe and be diligent on the job site and always remember, coming home late is much better than coming home in a box. Happy National Safety Month friends!